Стелки за спорт Ironman® Spenco® Race

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IRONMAN® RACE: The New Standard For Premium Performance Insoles

Ultra-lightweight, Semi-flexible Arch Support and Stability for Race Day

Incorporates Spenco® TOTAL SUPPORT® Technology and the patent-pending 3-POD™ Modulation System. This unique combination of cushioning and stability is ideally suited to the demands of training. Unlike the disposable sock liners that come with your shoes, IRONMAN® RACE Replacement Insoles use better materials and technologies that cushion, stabilize and support right out of the box. The also promote a more efficient, healthier stride.

SpenCool™ Top Cloth

Contains a special low-temperature jade obtained from natural resources that allows the fiber to effectively slow down temperature rise when the cloth is exposed to heat (strenuous activity such as running, athletics etc.) and then quickly radiates the heat to cool down after the heat source is removed (cessation of strenuous activities).

• Provides 1-2°C (up to 1.8° F) of instant cooling at contact.

• When exposed to heat over a period of time can effectively drop the temperature 2-3°C (1.8° - 3.6° F).

Has an irregular profile which can quickly absorb sweat and guide it to the outer layer of the cloth for quicker evaporation

SIZING For half sizes order the next size down.

Example: If you normally wear size 10.5, order a size 10


• 3-POD™ Modulation System: Multi-density pods piston through the flexible cradle to modulate ground forces. Stiffer black pod counters overpronation, softer red pods guide the stride

• TOTAL SUPPORT® Footbed is the optimum interface between your foot and the ground The Shape That Feels Great™

• Ultra-light, Semi-flexible Arch Support

  • FACET™ Cradle and Orthotic Arch Support

• Deep Heel Cup offers greater stability for overpronators

• First Ray Drop Zone for more efficient toe-off and a healthy stride

• Metatarsal Dome relieves pressure on forefoot

• Technical Low-friction Topcloth with foot-cooling technology. Reduces friction that can cause blisters

• Segmented Forefoot Crash Pad absorbs impact

  • Silpure Antimicrobial helps reduce odor

• One-year unconditional guarantee

Стелки за спорт Ironman® Spenco® Race, снимка 2
Стелки за спорт Ironman® Spenco® Race, снимка 3
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