Zoom PS 02 palmtop studio

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The drum machine is remarkably good with lots of tracks to play with. The bass accompaniment is also great. The built-in tuner is handy too. Not being a sight-reader, I'm not good at transcribing my musical compositions for bandmates to follow. The PS04 gives me the ability to make demos to bring to the band in a format that really works for us.

To be honest, I have not usually regarded items from Zoom as being of high quality, but this is really an exceptional and fun gadget.

Страхотна машинка.
Работи ок.
Има си и мемори карта, 16 мБита.
Ръководство и картонена кутия.
Работи на батерии или със захранване 9 волта, 300 мА, предлагам такова ОРИГИНАЛНО!

бартер, примерно за Ibanez tubescreamer TS9DX

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