Pioneer T-838(JAPAN MODEL)

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Това е японската версия на PIONEER CT-93
Rating of a mode
Reference 3 head deck
Track scheme
4 track two-channel stereo
Combination type
(The laser-amorphous recording head / laser-amorphous reproducing head)
Double gap ferrite erase head with a sendust guarding
For capstans: DC servo motor
For reels: DC motor
For an assist: DC motor
Wow and flutter
�}0.04%W-peak (EIAJ)
already -- volume time (C-60)
About 80 seconds
the frequency characteristic (EIAJ)
Metal tape: 15Hz-21kHz�}3dB (-20dB sound recording)
Chromium tapes: 15Hz-20kHz�}3dB (-20dB sound recording)
Normal tape: 15Hz-20kHz�}3dB (-20dB sound recording)
SN ratio
57dB (EIAJ / peek recording level, auditory sensation weighting)
Dolby off: 61dB or more (3% of the 3rd THD, auditory sensation weighting)
Dolby B on: 10dB modification (5kHz)
Dolby C on: 19dB modification (5kHz)
Distortion (EIAJ/1kHz)
0.6% (a metal tape, the 3rd THD)
Input sensitivity/impedance
Line: 60mV / 47kohm
An Output voltage/impedance
Line: 316mV / 2.4kohm
Headphone: 1.6mW/eight ohm (at the time of a volume maxima)
An attached organization
compact disk-DECK synchro functionality
A high bias
Peak level calibration
A bias / ���R�� bell calibration
MPX filter
Bias & level adjustment
Auto monitor
function-logic-diagram level meter with a peek hold
Meter range switching
A headphone jack with a volume
A one-touch tapes return / return play
Auto space REC mute
Auto tapes selector
Music search
4-figure electronic counter
Power eject
A timer sound recording / play
Cassette illumination
Supply voltage
AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption
Width 459x height 136x depth of 370mm
Remote control CU-T010

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Pioneer T-838(JAPAN MODEL), снимка 3
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