Честотен генератор, запер, zapper

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Продава Честотен генератор на импулси - може да се използва като запер ( zapper ), като за разлика от други такива можете да си настройвате честотата по ваше желание, а не да използвате само няколко фабрични честоти, които не са вас, и за учебни цели.
Може да се използва и с батерия от 9 Волта или адаптер, който е включен в цената.

Wide voltage DC power supply (DC9V-DC40V).
Embedded panel mounting structure, easy to integrate with customer products.
High frequency accuracy: +-5Х10-6
High resolution: 2 mHz
All range continuously adjustable, digital setting.
High waveform accuracy: The output waveform synthesis by calculating function.
One-key controlled signal output.
3.3V TTL electric level output.
Several different waveforms: Sine wave, Square wave (Duty cycle adjustable) and Triangle wave (include sawtooth wave).
Sweep function: Linear sweep, Logarithmic sweep. Starting and stop points can be set optionally.
Save function: 10 sets of parameters defined by the users can be saved and loaded anytime.
Operation mode: Button controlled, LCD display, digital setting, knob adjusted continuously.
Output mode:Standard BNC port output.
Highly reliable:Large scale integrated circuit, Surface mounting technology, reliable and durable.
Frequency measurement:Frequency of internal / external signal can be measured through built-in 60MHz frequency meter.
Main technology indexes
Signal Output function
Output waveforms Sine wave, Square wave (Duty cycle adjustable) and Triangle wave (include sawtooth wave)
Output amplitude >10Vp-p (signal output, no load)(MAX)
About 0.1Vp-p (MIN)
DC offset +-3V(no load)
Frequency range 0.01Hz - 2MHz
Resolution 0.01Hz(2mHz)
Frequency accuracy +-5х10-6
Frequency Stability +-2х10-6/3 Hours
Sine wave distortion < 0.8проц.(reference frequency is 1kHz)
Triangle linearity >98проц.(0.01Hz-10kHz)
Rise and fall time of square wave < 100ns
Square Wave Duty range 1-99процента(digital control mode)

TTL Output function
Frequency range
0.01Hz - 2MHz (SGP1010S)
Amplitude >3Vp-p
Fan Out >20 TTL loads
COUNTER function
Counter Range 0-4294967295
Frequency Meter Range 1Hz-60MHz
Input Voltage Range 0.5Vp-p-20Vp-p
SWEEP function
Sweep mode Linear sweep, Logarithmic sweep
Frequency setting range 0.01Hz -2MHz
Sweep range fM1 (pre-set) to fM2 (pre-set)
Sweep time 1s-99s
Display LCD1602 in English
Save and Load Parameter M0-M9(M0: default load)
Size 135mm (Length)×65 mm(Width)×35mm(Height)
Buzzer warning tone Can be turned On/Off by setting
Production technology Surface mounting technology, large scale integrated circuit, reliable and durable
Operation feature Button-controlled, Knob-adjusted continuously
Conditions requirement Temp: 0-40град.Humidity: ﹤80

Честотен генератор, запер, zapper, снимка 2
Честотен генератор, запер, zapper, снимка 3
Честотен генератор, запер, zapper, снимка 4
Честотен генератор, запер, zapper, снимка 5
Честотен генератор, запер, zapper, снимка 6
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